2 Norrebro Denmark, Copenhagen

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Best spots for a caffeine hit

For top quality coffee, Kaffe Plantagen serves one of the best brews—and in a beautifully designed interior, too (the building was previously a flower shop). Great cakes and sweets, and a cosy interior with big, bright windows make it the perfect place to hang out on a cold wintery afternoon.

Most instagrammable places to visit

While the Superkilen park with its undulating, striped lines is still one of the most iconic Instagrammable spots of Copenhagen, the Asistens Cemetery nearby is equally impressive for photographers. As the burial site for many of Denmark’s most famous people (including Hans Christian Anderson), it’s long been a popular daytime excursion for locals with its weeping willow trees and sweeping paths—perfect for a picnic. Wander around long enough and you’ll stumble into the small museum dedicated to the work of local Norrebro artist Herman Stilling—a 20th century artist who painted colourful trolls.

Mouth-watering must-eats/drinks

A long-time favourite, Kiin Kiin is one of Copenhagen’s many Michelin-starred restaurants but the only one in the world outside of Thailand exclusively serving Thai food. A rustic interior, hardwood floors and romantic lighting complement the contemporary Thai dishes served with just the right amount of spice.

Key facts

  1. Currency: Danish Kroner (the Euro is accepted in some places)
  2. Avg flight time: 1hr 55m
  3. Avg cost of hotel room per night: £80.50
  4. Avg flight cost: £97.50
  5. Famous for: It's huge array of green spaces. As official municipal policy in Copenhagen, it was ruled that by 2015, all citizens must be able to reach a green space or beach by foot in under 15 minutes

Norrebro’s location in the northwest of Copenhagen once isolated the region from the city centre, helping to foster a community vibe and a welcoming place for squatters and a diverse group of people. As the city has expanded, however, Norrebro is increasingly the cultural heart of a hip Copenhagen. Iconic places such as the Superkilen park attracts people day and night for its artistic representations from the neighbourhood’s multi-ethnic nationalities—plus a really cool sports area makes it a casual hangout.

In the spirit of the independent nature that permeates the Norrebro neighbourhood, local Copenhagen brewery Mikeller, runs one of the largest brewpubs in the city at Mikeller & Friends. The rustic, wooden interior is bright and minimalistic—the perfect complement to the 40 craft beers on tap and over 200 others in bottles! The neighbourhood is also home to Depanneur—a convenience store that’s so much more. The style and concept is imported from the French-Quebec interpretation of a convenience store—a place where you can buy regular home goods like toothbrushes and toilet paper alongside beer on tap (Depanneur serves brews from the local Norrebro Bryghus) and cafe foods. It’s a hangout but a shop—and it’s open late.

Norrebro is still a rapidly changing area of Copenhagen, but its unique culture and young residents have continued to make it a fun and special place. The Laundromat Café doubles up as both (predictably) a laundromat and a cafe with coffee, cakes and milkshakes, not to mention shelves of board games and books to keep you busy while waiting for laundry (or watching other people wash their undergarments).

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