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Best spots for a caffeine hit

Have you ever read Alice in Wonderland? If you remember the card soldiers, the dressed rabbits and the magical world, just add some hot cocoa or caffeine to the mix and you’ll find yourself at the Little Kook cafe in Psiri. This eclectic place is visited by locals and tourists, and it’s perfect for enjoying all types of cakes and crepes.

Most instagrammable places to visit

When you visit the ancient city of Athens, the last thing you expect to find is graffiti and street art in every corner. But somehow, the art on the walls is one of the coolest attributes of neighborhoods like Psiri. The crooked and lonely streets are also cool for getting an alternative set for your photos, instead of the most iconic backgrounds of Athens. Psiri sits in the shadows of the Acropolis but its streets are lined with colourful walls and murals by an ever-changing array of international artists.

Mouth-watering must-eats/drinks

From restaurants like Coleur Locale, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Acropolis and the Hill of Filopappou while drinking one of their amazing cocktails. Psiri restaurants offer the best of traditional Greek cuisine with both delicious meats and vegan meals available in Oinopoleion or Enastron. Both are worth the wait (slow-food is an art in Athens too!). Also, the Gostijo restaurant is one of the best kosher options in Athens.

Key facts

  1. Currency: Euro
  2. Avg flight time: 3hr 40m
  3. Avg cost of hotel room per night: £83.50
  4. Avg flight cost: £68
  5. Famous for: Being Athens' answer to Soho

Psiri reflects a revolutionary and anti-establishment spirit that was part of its very foundation when workers from the provinces and migrants came to the capital. It earned a bad reputation thanks to some criminal inhabitants and weird games like the ‘stone battles’ that took place in the 19th century, but today, the neighbourhood is crowded with small cafes and restaurants, alternative art galleries and residential buildings with pretty gardens located in small alleys.

Because of its social nature, with  tables  in close proximity to one another, it’s easy to meet locals when visiting on a night out. Psiri is one of the best choices for nightlife in Athens and you can try the Greek craft beers at BeerTime or enjoy the live music in the other nearby bars and restaurants. Several bakeries sell the traditional (sometimes hand-made) bougatsa – a Greek breakfast pastry you’ll find is the perfect hangover cure. During the daytime, visit Psiri for shopping at the craft and souvenir stores.

There’s a surprising number of vinyl record stores in the area which serve not just as places to shop, but hangouts for Athens’ underground artists and musicians. The bar and cafe at “six d.o.g.s.” might not look like much at first glance, but visit during the early evening and you’ll find what makes the small space so popular with locals. Live music bands and DJs set up here on club nights and their cocktails are some of the best in the city. Six d.o.g.s. also hosts special events such as the annual Meet Market every December with local artisans and craft makers selling one-of-a-kind souvenirs.

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